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23 May 2017

EU – Azerbaijan Business Forum

The EU-Azerbaijan Business Forum, organised by the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan, in cooperation with the German-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce, will take place in Baku on 8 June 2017.
23 May 2017

Chinese and Russian Investors Top List for “Greek Golden Visa”

Investors from China benefited most from Greece’s golden visa program which offers five-year residency rights in return for real estate acquisitions.
16 November 2016
Investment Opportunities in Greece

Investment Opportunities in Greece

Short presentation of the most active sectors of the Greek economy, offering opportunities for investments. VK PREMIUM provides valuable assistance in the areas of market and sector analysis, opportunity assessment, etc.
24 September 2016
HORIZON’s 2020 SME instrument – new cut-off dates 2016-’17

HORIZON’s 2020 SME instrument – new cut-off dates 2016 – 2017

New cut-off dates for 2016-2017, for submission of innovative ideas from small or medium businesses (SME's) concerning "EASME HORIZON’s 2020 SME INSTRUMENT".
23 September 2016

VK PREMIUM – Профиль компании

Первоклассный рост,Oперационные расходы, Человеческий капитал, Тренинги,Экспорт в/из Eвразию (и). VK PREMIUM предоставляет ситуационный анализ «360⁰» маркетингового.
6 July 2016
Sales & Marketing Services

Sales & Marketing

VK PREMIUM provides a 360⁰ situational review of product portfolio marketing mix and all aspects of sales management to propose actionable plans & assist to implementation phase.
23 June 2016
Kazakh-Greek Business-Forum

Казахстанско-греческий бизнес-форум

Казахстанско-греческий бизнес-форум был успешно завершен в понедельник, 26/09/2016 года, при активном участии г-на Костаса Вамвакаса.
11 May 2016
Management Consultancy Alliance

Management Consultancy Alliance of VK PREMIUM, UBM Group & T&I

VK PREMIUM Business Consultants, UBM Group, and T&I Consultancy Alliance have joined forces to provide management, business and marketing consulting services .
28 November 2015
New Success for VK PREMIUM Business Consultants in regards to the programme SME Instrument Phase 1 of Horizon 2020

New Success for VK PREMIUM Business Consultants within the context of SME Instrument Phase 1

A client of VK PREMIUM has been selected for funding in regards to the programme Horizon 2020

Member of Organizations and Chambers of Commerce

Client Testimonials

  • I would like to thank Costas Vamvakas & VK PREMIUM Business Consultants for their support throughout the lifespan of Orange Grove. Costas has been part of the initial team even before the official kick-off of Orange Grove. As part of the selection team, he supported us during the initial selection of Orange Grove personnel as well as during the selection of startups which have been admitted and the subsequent evaluation of their progress throughout their participation. As part of the advisory board, Costas devoted his knowledge, experience, networking and mentoring skills. He has proven to be a significant contributor to the success of Orange Grove.

    Caspar Veldkamp, Ambassador of the Netherlands
  • VK Premium is always available, supporting our innovative products and seeking for funding opportunities through European financing programms.We are totaly satisfied with VK Premium consulting services. Our company (Dakofaka), is the only Greek company whose funding proposal has been approved through the EU funding programm "SME instrument (Horizon 2020)" for 2015, and we will receive grand of €50.000,00 for the development of our business plan.

    Euriklis Fitsakis - Chief Executive Officer Dakofaka

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